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One of Halcyon’s biggest strengths is the development of prototypes rapidly.  From its Origin in new developmental IC packaging in conventional ceramic packages to chip on board, and biological packing for displays for universities.  For twenty years we have packaged quick turn around MOSIS chips by dicing, separating packaging, and marking.  With our PCB surface mount, and through hole abilities, we packaged 10’s of thousands of modules, added wires, and potted, and attested the circuits for medical instruments. For the last 15 years, focused heavily on multichip module packaging and high frequency WiFi MMIC for 26—60 GHz communication drivers, BUCs, transceivers for flight and space communication applications.  Have extensive knowledge and experience for high and low, cryogenic applications in space satellite uses.  Halcyon has diverse process capability with eight ESEC pattern recognition  autobonders equipped with magazine feeders.  In the surface mount assembly and reflow, eutectic and epoxy/polyimide assembly in Nitrogen atmospheric conditions.

We have  great experience and knowledge with prototyping

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