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Design Services

Phoenix has a reputation for innovation in design and engineering that is reflected in many Industry Firsts over the last 32 years. Halcyon has participated in most of the dramatic changes that have taken place in the manufacturing of products for the Fiber Optic, Optoelectronics and RF Hybrid / Microwave industries - meeting the need for lower cost through automation, high quality components produced by innovative techniques. With our knowledge, we can help you avoid problems with up-front engineering excellence and help you develop a product that is "designed for manufacturing" and meets all of your goals.

Fully staffed with some of the industry's leading process and manufacturing experts, we can assist you in developing your module (Hybrid, MCM or Optoelectronics) to meet your specifications. We will thoroughly evaluate every aspect of your design prior to final artwork preparation. Careful attention will be paid to component sizes and placement, pin-out and circuit routing, component and traces interference, impedance requirements, thermal and mechanical constraints as well as to your environmental needs. Essentially, the design will be optimized to both your prototype requirements (time to market) and production requirements (time to volume).

If your volume requires it, we will assist you in designing your module so that it is suitable the Phoenix highly automated hands-free assembly lines. This will provide you rapid time to volume as well as low cost. Once characterized, these automated assembly lines have manufacturing cycles of 6 hours and throughput of 6500 units per day for an average complexity module (50 components, 500 wire bonds, for example).

If you already have a package dictated by your application, we can assist with circuit layout to optimize your needs - if not, we can recommend an appropriate package for your application. A broad range of sizes, types, shapes and materials are available. A variety of finishes are also possible, including gold or nickel.

With experience in Defense, Aerospace, Medical, Optoelectronics, Space, Telecommunications, and commercial applications, Phoenix can assist you in designing a product that is right for you.

Design & Development