In 1980, Mr. Dennis Martin started Halcyon for the purposes of offering the Southern California technical community a laboratory in which their products could be developed. Since that time, more than 300 designs have become working prototypes for customers ranging from Cal Tech and Rockwell Int’l to MIT and Cree Research.

In the last ten years, Halcyon Microelectronics has expanded it’s role as a developmental and manufacturing facility.
Halcyon Microelectronics,Inc. has always been an innovator in advanced microelectronic packaging for extreme hi rel applications

In addition to their role of a custom assembly and packaging house for hybrids, MCMs, and integrated circuitry. Our circuits have flown in F-15’s, F-16’s, C-130’s, P-3’s, Space Shuttles and used in two classes of submarines and are in ongoing applications of secure communications in both the U.S. Air Force and Navy.

Halcyon’s typical monthly manufacturing load includes custom hybrids, custom packaged ICs, 1 new design or prototyping, small manufacturing projects, and continued support research and development programs with local universities.

Most of Halcyon Microelectronics Management, Customer Support, and Engineering Staff are graduates of California State Polytechnic University.

Halcyon Microelectronics Inc. specializes in custom microcircuit packaging for military, aerospace and high reliability applications. Operating since 1981 providing 6 hour packaging services and rapid hybrid manufacturing for our customers both in the states and abroad. Custom hybrid microelectronics and hybrid layout design has been our specialty since our doors opened over 37 years ago.

Quality and reliability are considered as the foundation of today’s highly sophisticated military defense-aerospace systems, satellites, computers and high-end telecommunications equipment. In support of our ongoing quality commitment, Halcyon became ISO9001 – 2000 registered in September of 2002.

Halcyon has integrated hybrid layout design, thick film substrate fabrication, assembly, screening, testing and qualification into a single facility. And features CAD/CAM automated assembly and computerized on-line documentation, inventory and production controls. New wirebonding capabilities include .dxf file importing for complex designs and 50 micron bonding accuracies.