Halcyon can work from your specifications and your Statement of Work. For those customers who require more assistance, we write travelers for each process step base on customer’s requirements. These process steps will be examined carefully that is of particular concern to customers and us.

Typical manufacturing operations are as follows:


  • Receiving inspection
  • Quality inspection
  • Record for traceability
Marking Serial Number


  • ND Yag LASER
Substrate Attach, Inspect, and Curing
  • Conductive, non-conductive epoxy, or pre form attach
  • Manual and automatic epoxy dispense
  • Substrate attach inspection for accuracy
  • Gravity and air-circulated curing oven
Element Attach, Inspect and Curing
  • Conductive, non-conductive epoxy attach
  • Solder or eutectic attach
  • Manual or automatic epoxy/solder dispense
  • Manual or automatic pick-and-place machine
  • Element attach inspection for accuracy
  • Gravity and air-circulated curing oven
Plasma Cleaning
  • Gas mixing system
  • Large chamber
Wire Bonding
  • Manual and automatic bonding machine
  • 8 State of the art automatic bonding machines (ESEC)
  • 0.5 to 2 mil gold wire
  • 1 to 20 mil aluminum wire
  • Gold ribbon
High Frequency Assembly
mm Wave Assembly
  • Fine pitch and controlled impedance assembly
  • Controlled and repeatable bond lines
  • Controlled and repeatable wire bonds
  • Special handling procedures for:
    Air bridge chips, Thin GaAs die, and MMIC chips

Visual Inspection


  • Substrate and element inspection for accuracy
  • Wire bond inspection for accuracy
  • Workmanship and cleanliness
Electrical Testing
  • IEEE 488 Rack & Stack
  • HP3060A
  • Active laser trimming
  • Custom testing
Hermetic Sealing, Seam Welding
  • Conveyor nitrogen furnace (R.T.C)
  • Parallel seam sealing machine (SSEC)
  • Manual and automatic encapsulation
  • Stabilization bake
  • Temperature cycling
  • Constant acceleration
  • Fine and gross leak testing
  • 5 burn-in chambers
Electrical Test Post Burn-In
  • IEEE 488 Rack & Stack
  • HP3060A
  • Custom testin
Final Electrical Test
  • IEEE 488 Rack & Stack
  • HP3060A
  • Custom testing
  • Minimum and maximum operating temperatures
  • TempTronic Chambers
Final Visual Inspection
  • Quality inspection
  • Source inspection if required
Packaging and Shipment
  • Quality and quantity review
  • Data package